Well here we go again, CES 2018!!  I was really excited to come this year, not just to see all the cool things CES has to offer, but especially to visit the new Hi-Tech Retail section of the show.  And I was not disappointed!


I have to admit, it can get overwhelming coming here and walking the show. I wonder if that is how people feel the first time they come to a jewelry show?  Coming to CES you really don’t know where to look first.  One of my favorite booths to visit is the LG booth.  This is what you walk through when entering, it’s really is amazing to see!


The key to everything is just one simple word: EXPERIENCE!

The Hi-Tech Retail section was new this year.  It was a small showcase of some really cool innovations.  But I did see two products that really stood out and caught my attention. The first one is Memomi, the digital memory mirror.  As they write on their website, “The experience of luxury shopping, reinvented.”


Imagine this scenario: A customer walks into your store.  She is looking for some earrings.  She sees a few pairs and would like to try them on.  You hand her a mirror and she tries a few pairs on. She turns left, she turns right, she tries the next pair on. She turns left, she turns right, then she wants to try the first pair on again… you see where I am going with this.


Now imagine that you use the Memomi mirror.  This digital mirror allows your customer to see themselves, and it will video the interaction and record it.  The client can then take several images and see them side by side to see how they look compared to each other, they can email the video to themselves, or their girlfriends, or their significant other to see what they think.  They can go home and think about it and replay the video to see how they looked in those earrings, etc.  What I loved about this was the experience it was creating for the customer.  They customize all their mirrors, so pricing can range from $2,000-$10,000, depending on your needs, such as lighting, size and other factors. Go to their website, at http://memorymirror.com/ to see some videos and to get more information.  Scroll down and watch the eyeglass video, I think that one really shows you the application and how it can apply to the retail store. (Elita Khan – Director of Retail Partnerships – elita@memomi.co)


This interactive display allows you to create a whole new experience for your client. 

The second booth that had me stopping was Perch.  The application of this is so exciting because I see both retailers being able to incorporate this into their stores, as well as brands and manufacturers being able to create programs utilizing this technology and offering something for their retail partners that is different and unique.


The website describes this platform as “PERCH unites PHYSICAL PRODUCTS with DIGITAL CONTENT to engage shoppers, analyze behavior and drive 30-80% sales lift. Our physically-aware displays sense when shoppers APPROACH, TOUCH and PICK UP products and respond with dynamic media.”

What was so interesting was the fact that I could envision this being used in so many ways.  For instance, so many manufacturers today are using prototypes and samples for engagement rings. Imagine if a manufacturer/brand would come up with a “display” that would incorporate this technology. You could tether the piece to the platform, and when the consumer approaches and lifts the piece up, the screen will show content such as what that ring looks like in a different color, with different center stones, perhaps even matching wedding rings. The possibilities are endless. Perch will work with content you already have, or for a fee they will work with you to create the content. The program is a lease based model, and can range from $250-$500 per month.  Check out more at their website at www.perchinteractive.com. (Michael Botefuhr – Director of Sales – michael@perchinteractive.com)


Enhancing the experience for your customers keeps them not only engaged, but gets them talking to their friends.  There is no better advertising than word of mouth.  Coming to the CES show you walk around and your senses are on overload trying to take in all that you see. But one thing is apparent, each booth, each exhibitor, is trying to create a unique experience, one that will stay with you and make you tell others. What are you doing to engage your customers and make them never forget you?  Charles Darwin once said…

“It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  

Ann Arnold

CSO, BIG Buyers Intelligence Group